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Tam Bun Khan Dok festival


What :

The Tam Bun Khan Dok (Flower Bowl Blessing of Inthakin) festival is the opening event of a 6 to 8 day ritual celebrating the spiritual guardian of the city of Chiang Mai, Thailand.

Every year the citizens of Chiang Mai celebrate the history, culture, and prosperity of their beautiful city by venerating the golden pillar Inthakin with flowers, prayers, and other offerings.

The Inthakin pillar of Chiang Mai has stood since the 12th century as the spiritual guardian of the city. Moved to its current location of Wat Chedi Luang after the city was retaken from Burmese control in the 19th century, Inthakin is associated with the protection and blessings of the Hindu god Indra.

Inthakin can only be viewed during this festival, and no one on a Thailand tour should miss the chance to witness this ancient cultural event.

When :

Falling at the midpoint of the year on the traditional Thai calendar, the festival is held annually between mid-May and early June. A large and important event for the local Thai population, guests on luxury tours of Thailand should make advance booking plans if they’re interested in witnessing one of the city’s most ancient cultural celebrations.

Where :

The festival is held at Wat Chedi Luang temple in the ancient center of Chiang Mai in Northern Thailand. Most visitors reach the city via domestic or international flight to Chiang Mai International Airport, and the festival location at Wat Chedi Luang is easily accessed by private car.

Who :

Pillar festivals are celebrated throughout Thailand’s cities, but the celebration of Chiang Mai’s guardian spirit has become a favorite among tourists. The festival is a great chance for guests on Thailand luxury tours to participate in the beautiful heritage of one of Thailand’s most visited destinations.

Appropriate Attire :

The large celebration is centered in and around the Wat Chedi Luang temple, and visitors should dress appropriately by covering their shoulders, arms, and legs when attending the ceremonies.

Guest Reviews about Thailand Tour :

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Candace Washington - October 2013

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Our guides made sure we arrived to popular sites ahead of big tour groups so that we could get the best photo ops (they acted as great amateur photographers too!), and also guided us to amazing 'off the beaten track' areas that I am so glad we didn't miss. We saw everything we wanted to see and more. From the moment we were picked up from our hotel in the morning everything was expertly taken care of the whole way.

We were also provided a private driver and vehicle that was air conditioned (very important!) and safely driven. All things considered, the price of the tour is very reasonable and well worth the money.

I would highly recommend Easy Tours of Thailand to anyone thinking about doing a similar tour.

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